Godswar Guide: Champions

Posted: July 14, 2011 in GAME REVIEWS

(It’s l30n. BBH Philippines’ guild leader)

Dreadful physical damage, highest hit and critical rating and a high amount of dodge are some of the best things about being a champion. The roles of being a champ are to deal great damage, deal massive damage and , of course, deal high damage :D. They got pretty low defense and magic defense. Who needs them anyway if you can kill the enemy at an instant? (need them in PINDUS and NI MINI because of enemy’s massive number :P)

I. General Information about champions

1.) What to expect when you are a champion?

You’ll experience ease in leveling up because you can kill mobs the fastest at the start of the game. Expect that you would die a lot of times in battlefield events due to lack of defense. If you are a level 90+ champion, some parties will need you in Medusa Island Instance to kill Stheno (a magic based boss which is immune to magic attacks making a mage useless). With proper knowledge and estimations, you have a high chance of being one of the highest ranking killers of your faction.

2.) Don’t be a champion if you:

  • Don’t want to be bullied and killed often. Mages will bully you a lot because of very low magic defense. Imagine a 3k+ matk mage against your 300 mdef as compared with your 3k+ atk against their 1k+ def. Champs are usually a poor thing against mages.
             (I think champions has no problems other than their defense and magic defense. With a wide variety of aoe’s and                     other skills you sure will not ask for more) 🙂
3.) Pros:
  • highest physical damage output
  • seldom miss hit
  • high percentage critical attacks
  • fair dodge rate
4.) Cons:
  • Low defense
  • Low magic defense
  • lacks MP
II. Build (I only saw spanksta’s guide so I don’t have any other sources. Others are my theoretical builds.)
a.) 0 Crit Resistance

Weapon:Physical Att, Hit Rate, Physical Dmg%, HP, 5th stat Physical Dmg%
Gloves: Physical Att, Hit Rate, Crit, Physical Dmg%
Helm (atk helm): Physical Att, Hit Rate, Physical Dmg%, HP
Rings (Hp Ring): Physical Att, Crit, Physical Dmg%, HP

Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, Absorb, HP
Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Hp resto
Amulet: Dodge, Healing Done, MP, Absorb
Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Healing Done
Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Healing Done

Att Stones: Pdmg%, Reduce PDef%
Def Stones: Red Crit%, Red Crit Value

Pros: Highest physical atk, highest hit, highest crit, fair dodge, fair absorb
Cons: Enemies will always hit you with a critical.
b.)  Spanksta’s Build (pots build)
Pros: high damage, fair dodge, high crit, high hit, high Healing done
Cons: Low def and mdef
Here is the picture w/ stats of l30n beside Tropical/Ryan10
I just pilot l30n as of now. He is the leader of the guild which I belong to.This character has more work to do but I am hoping to make this a greater character when the owner gets back from his job (he is a seaman *LMAO*)
III. Tips
  • Make a priest together with a champion to cover up for the low defense at the start of the game.
  • Afk every time you can do so.
  • Get the priest to level 70 so you can make it a scholar. Then get a main profession for the champion (I suggest blacksmithing for it can give you a lot of income)
  • Do daily marathons to gain b-gold.
  • Participate in different events and join different instances for some extra b-golds (reputations and ethics) and some useful items (points and honor)
  • for other tips, refer to my priest guide 🙂
3 classes down and 1 to go. I been busy lately so I forgot to finish this guide and the mage guide. I hope I can finish it by Sunday. Avada Kedavra! (ooops. that’s from Harry Potter :P)

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