Godswar Guide: Warriors

Posted: July 8, 2011 in GAME REVIEWS

(It’s Tropical. One of the first strongest warriors in the game)

A thick armor, high hp and high mdef, it is the best way to describe a warrior (talk about toughness). Warriors may lack some damage but on a typical fight, his hp and tough defence cover up for the lack of damage. Their main role is, obviously, to receive most of the damage of the enemies to protect their comrades but that’s not all, if the warrior is a well forged on and got atleast Rage Claw 3, he can be a lethal killer.

I. General Information about warriors

1.) What to expect when you are a warrior?

People will call you for instances (dungeons) so you can tank some boss (it’s your choice whether to come or not since you most likely to do it on your own). Tanker would be your main role in the game. You should have the toughest defense and highest hp in the game. People will call you NOOB if you got a low hp and defense making you as thin as a champion. You should also expected to have lots of pots during wars (most of the enemies will gather around you and will hit you). And of course you will need more mp to cast all your powerful skills (Flash Chop, Steel Rain and your continues Rage Claw).

2.) Don’t be a warrior if you:

  • Got no patience. Like priests, you would lack a fast killing skills. You are most likely to use Rage Claw all the time for hp draining then use Flash Chop at the right moment.
  • Are too thrifty. You are most likely to spend more on pots and forging. Warriors needs lots of attention.
  • Don’t want to be ignored. Most people will ignore you (believe me). The reason is that you are harder to kill. It would take time before your dead.
  • Want an instant kill. Flash Chop is your only lethal weapon for instant kills (actually the only skill with a high damage output that is). You will grind harder if you want more and more kills with Rage Claw.
  • Have a bad sense of timing. A perfectly cast stun would defy it all. It would also be the line between life and death of your target 🙂 .

3.) Pros:

  • Highest hp restoration rate.
  • Highest defense
  • Highest hp
  • Easy to move around even if it is lag (just spam all your skills around)

4.) Cons:

  • Low hit rate (most of your attack are most likely to miss)
  • Low dodge rate (you can’t barely evade some powerful attacks)
  • Lack of mp (well most characters have this problem except for mage I think)

II. Build (this is just ryan10/tropical build. I didn’t even saw other warrior builds so far except for the drills)

The best sword you could possibly make.

Update: Critical changed for Phys Percentage.

Also no explaining, Warriors need hit rating, end of story.

Replaced the HP with Hit on the helmet,

Update:Hp is back on the helmet

Replaced dodge with hp res speed, such a good change due to the fact that champs are going to hit me regardless.
 Update:Replaced damage absorption with magic defense, big big difference, and much much better.
Change the Damage Absorption for Critical Resistance just because Damage Absorption sucks.
Update:Critical Resistance is now on, amazing difference.
Update:I came to a conclusion that you don’t even need to make your boots epic as a warrior…. such a big waste. Dodge is pointless, only use boots for the bottom stats 
Mp is needed so much, warriors at this level need mp more then they need hp.
Warriors needs some damage so no the ring stays Scorpio 🙂
 No need for explanations 🙂
 HP restoration is really a must for a warrior (to be able to survive longer 🙂 ).
 No explanations needed 😛
Pros: High Hp, extreme hp restoration, interesting amount of attack for a warrior, nice hit rate, high defense and high magic defense.
Cons: Low dodge (actually you don’t really need it),  low absorb (absorb sucks but a few more might work. I can’t really explain it but it’s not like a con but it is in the stats)
(Warriors and priests are somewhat the same so for the tips, please refer to my priest guide)
At last my warrior guide. Too bad I can’t post a picture of my warrior since i shifted it to mage now 😛 . Just wait for the champion and mage guides. I’m looking for a more reliable reference than what I have now. 🙂

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